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Famous Derbyshire People

Derbyshire People is about the famous people, who have or have had some connection with Derbyshire and or the Peak District in England. They may simply have been born in the county such as John Flamstead from Denby, lived and worked here, such as Erasmus Darwin, or simply visited the county, such as Dr Samuel Johnson or Bonnie Prince Charles. The names included here are only a personal choice. Many, many others have had connections, sometimes close connections with Derbyshire. Some of them are mentioned in Derbyshire Artists, and others in Derbyshire's Literary Connections. Others will be added over time.

Famous Derbyshire People
Name Dates Occupation
Richard Arkwright  1732-1792 Mill Owner
Anthony Babington  1561-1586 Conspirator
Robert Bakewell  1682-1752 Wrought ironsmith
Alan Bates 1934-2003 Actor
Catherine Booth 1829-1890 Co-founder of the Salvation Army
Francis Legatt Chantrey 1781-1841 Artist
Henry Cavendish 1731-1810 Scientist
Thomas Cook 1808-1892 Founder of modern day travel
Charles Cotton 1630-1687 Writer and Angler
Erasmus Darwin 1731-1802 Scientist
Joe Davis 1901-1978 Champion snooker player
Peter Fidler 1769 - 1822 Chief surveyor and mapmaker for the Hudson Bay Company
John Flamsteed 1646-1719 Scientist
Francis Frith 1822-1898 Photographer
Elizabeth Hardwick 1518-1608 Landowner
John Hurt 1940- Actor
Samuel Johnson 1709-1784 Writer and Traveller
Richard Keene 1825-1894 Photographer
D.H.Lawrence 1885-1930 Writer
Ellen MacArthur b 1976 Yachtswoman
Stuart Mais 1885 - 1975 Writer & broadcaster
Florence Nightingale 1820-1910 Nurse and Hospital Reformer
Benjamin Outram 1764-1805 Civil engineer
Joseph Paxton 1801-1865 Architect and landscape gardener
Joseph Pickford 1734-1782 Architect
Henry Royce 1863-1933 Car and Aero engine designer
Herbert Spencer 1820-1903 Founder of modern sociology
George Stephenson 1781-1848 Railway Engineer
Henry Izaac Stevens 1806-1873 Architect
Jedediah Strutt 1726-1797 Mill owner
Charles Edward Stuart 1720-1788 The Young Pretender
Alison Uttley 1884-1976 Writer
Matthew Walker Died 1944 Christmas Pudding maker
Barnes Wallis 1887-1979 Inventor of the bouncing bomb
Izaac Walton 1593-1683 Writer and Angler
Vivienne Westwood 1941 - Fashion Designer
John Whitehurst 1713-1788 Clock maker and scientist
Joseph Whitworth 1804-1887 Engineer
Bob Wilson 1942 - Footballer
Joseph Wright 1734-1797 Painter
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