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Middleton by Youlgrave

Middleton by Youlgrave, also known as Middleton by Youlgreave, is a charming little village sitting above Bradford dale, about a mile from Youlgrave. It consists of stone cottages with pretty gardens, and small farms. There is a large open space by the minor road junction, known as The Square which has a large number of trees. It's unspoilt quality owes much to the absence of through traffic, for it lies on an unclassified loop road which serves Middleton only.

Historically, Middleton by Youlgrave is quite important. It was the family seat of the Fulwood family who had a manor house there, of which nothing remains except for a mound and a few ivy covered walls behind castle farm. Sir Christopher Fulwood supported the King during the troubled times of the civil war and had mustered 1000 local volunteers to fight the roundheads. After surviving an ambush, he was finally tracked down and shot in bradford dale.

Lomberdale Hall was the home of William and Thomas Bateman, leading antiquaries and pioneer archaeologists in their day. Few `lows` or burial grounds escaped the attentions of Thomas Bateman. The most fascinating is Arbor Low situated 2 miles west of the village on middleton common. Now in the care of English Heritage, arbor low is a stone circle consisting of a ring of stones, surrounded by a bank and a ditch, whose external diameter is nearly 300 feet. It was thought that the stones originally stood upright. There were 39 of them and all but one have fallen down. It is believed that its purpose was some kind of sacred or ritual site for the people who built it nearly 5000 years ago.

Bateman also worked on stanton moor which also has an impressive collection of stone circles.

Many of the artefacts that Thomas Bateman collected are now to be found at the Weston Park Museum in Sheffield.

Middleton by Youlgrave has a chapel, the Middleton C of E Chapel, a small building with a signpost pointing to Thomas Bateman`s grave. His tomb is surmounted with a replica of a bronze age urn

There are no pubs but there is a village hall, which is often hired for childrens parties and holds some educational and vocational classes.For most services, including primary education, the villagers go to Youlgreave. Parents operate a rota system taking the young children over there. Older children go to Lady Manners school in Bakewell, using the public bus service which is unusually good for a village of Middleton's size and remoteness. There was one pub called the Bateman Arms opposite the chapel, but this is now a private house.

Middleton does have well-dressing demonstrations in late May and the well dressing itself takes place in late May, early June. It is quite a big event in the Middleton calender, with a market being held as well.

Middleton Hall has been owned by the Waterhouse family for a number of years. It had been totally rebuilt for Thomas Bateman by a local architect around 1824-27. Although wholly built from gritstone, which possibly came from nearby Harthill Moor, it has the same basic features as some of the smaller village houses, such as mullioned and transomed windows. It remains virtually unchanged and was the place where the young Thomas Bateman was brought up from infancy.

Holiday Accommodation in Middleton by Youlgrave

The Forge Holiday Cottage is set in a quiet location at the heart of Middleton-by-Youlgrave, a small picturesque village at the head of Middleton Dale. It is an excellent base for exploring the White Peak area by foot, cycle or car and, for those simply wishing to relax it offers the peace and quiet of the unspoilt English countryside. There is a well equipped children's playground nearby. Sleeps 5/6. 4 Star rating.
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Middleton by youlgrave village scene
Village scene
Middleton by youlgrave village scene
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