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Egginton village in Derbyshire, is a peaceful village on the river Dove, situated 8 miles south west of Derby. It has a population of approximately 600 residents and in the 17th century was owned by the Every family. They lived in an old Tudor Hall, which was burnt down in 1736 and then rebuilt in 1780, with many surrounding Tudor cottages demolished to make way for parkland around the hall. The hall was demolished in 1954 with only the stables remaining as part of a new development there.

Monks Bridge in Egginton, was built by the monks of Tutbury Prioy in the 14th century and repair work had to be paid for by selling the local church bells.

The Trent and Mersey canal is carried over the river Dove in Egginton, on a long nine arched aqueduct built to the design of James Brindley in 1777.

Parish Church of St Wilfred
Church of St Wilfred
The village primary school
Village shool
Renovated old cottages
Village cottages

Egginton village has a primary school which doubles up as a parish hall in the evenings and at the weekends and there is a pub, called the Every Arms about half mile out of the village on the A38.

The Parish Church of St Wilfred dates from around the year 1300 and built on the site of an earlier church. It has a low west tower with bell openings and contains some original stained glass as well as many monuments to the Every and Moseley families. There is also a map showing parish field names, some of which have perpetuated in local house names.

A brief moment of fame came in 1644 when a Royalist force was defeated by Cromwells force in the Battle Of Egginton Heath. Things are much quieter now.

For much more information on Eggington please visit www.egginton.org.uk

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