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Cubley in Derbyshire, is a quiet little village, situated on the old Roman road, called Long Lane, about 6 miles west of Derby. During the first half of the 20th century most of the village farms and cottages were owned by the Clowes family of Norbury. Mary Clowe was the benefactor of the village hall built in 1934, which has been the centre of Cubley village life ever since. There is a pub, called the Howard Arms, which is known locally as the stoop, because of the mounting block which can still be seen at the roadside.

In 1871 the village school in Cubley had 100 pupils but in 1960 it closed down through a lack of them. The village is famous as being the birth place of Michael Johnson, father of Samuel Johnson, the famous lexicographer.

St Andrews Church in cubley
Cubley church
Old School House
Old school house

Bentley Hall, dates from Jacobean or Elizabethan times, was built of brick and stone quions, and is now a private farm. It is all that is left of Hungry Bentley, except a clearly defined street pattern in surrounding fields. It is the best example of a deserted mediavel village site in the county.

St Andrews Church, can be found half a mile from the village centre down a long lane. It dates from around the 12th and 13th centuries, with a 13th century chancel and a fine Perp tower with angle butresses. There are some 17th century windows in the nave and traces of mediavel wall painting exist on the chancel arch and in the east nave arcade. There are monuments to the Montgomery family, including one to Sir Nicholas Montgomery who died in 1494. It consists of an alabaster tomb chest with 4 angels standing guard, holding shields.

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