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Church of All Saints at Bradbourne


Church of All Saints at Bradbourne in Derbyshire

Bradbourne church
Church of All Saints, Bradbourne

The Parish church of All Saints aqt Bradbourne in Derbyshire is essentially Norman with later additions but contains fragments of Saxon work in the north side of the nave. The church was given to Dunstable Priory in 1205, when four monks were sent to serve it and it's three chapelries at Tissington, Brassington and Ballidon, a system that continued for more than 300 years until the dissolution and then under the protestant church of england until Tissingtion and Brassington became seperate parishes around 1860. These days the parish of Bradbourne and Ballidon shares a team vicar with Brassington.

The large unbuttressed tower is Norman and the carving of the south doorway is a rich example of late Norman sculpture. Inside is an unusual 17th century mural painting, an Italian early 17th century painting of the Adoration of the Shepherds and the east window has a good early example of 19th century stained glass.

Bradbourne cross
Bradbourne's Saxon Cross

The churchyard contains a Saxon cross shaft, dated approx 800, and containing a scene of the crucifixion. Originally the incised shaft would have been topped with a cross. These crosses were set up at places where people first gathered to celebrate mass, hear the gospel preached and where the dead were brought for burial in the shadow of the sacred symbol. This one was used as squeeze style into a nearby field for a number of years before being recognized and replaced in the churchyard. The old parsonage stands next to the church, a mixture of different styles and materials built in three different ages.

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