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Church of All Saints at Youlgrave in Derbyshire


Youlgrave Church

Church of All Saints at Youlgrave in Derbyshire

The church of All Saints at Youlgrave or Youlgreave as the village is often called, is possibly one of the most impressive churches in Derbyshire and the Peak District. It probably dates back to about the 13th or 14th century, but many modifications have been made and much restoration was carried out around 1870.

Externally the impression is dominated by the broad, big and tall perpendicular tower, with its angle butresses, large western door, large west window, 2 tall bell openings on either side, battlements and eight pinnacles, and tall and wide arch towards the nave.Inside, its finest quality is its very wide nave containing 3 bay arcades. It also contains a large, circular font, with a few animal motifs,dated about 1200, that was once in Elton church.

The most ancient monument in the church is the stone effigy of a cross-legged knight, holding a heart in his clasped hands and girt with a cross-hilted sword. It is now placed on a substantial stone base against the north wall of the chancel, and is supposed to represent Sir John Rossington, of Rossington, near Doncaster. More exquisite, as a monument, is a small altar tomb of alabaster, 3½ feet only in length, on which is the figure of a man in armour, finely and skilfully carved, with his head resting upon a helmet and wearing round his neck a Yorkist collar of suns and roses. This effigy represents Thomas Cokayne, who died 1488 and was carefully restored and the tomb adorned with emblazoned shields in 1873 by the present representatives of the family.

Youlgrave ( Youlgreave ) church also contains an attractive cemetery.


The New Vicarage
Conksbury Lane
Derbyshire DE45 1WR
Tel: (01629) 630409

Church of All Saints at Youlgrave

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Youlgrave Church
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Youlgrave Church
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Thomas Cokayne memorial

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