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Well Dressing in Derbyshire and the Peak District 2008

Well dressing is one of the best known and most popular and colourful customs in Derbyhire and he Peak District. Well dressing dates back hundreds of years, and though there have been religious associations, the true origins remain unknown.

Well dressing is celebrated in more than sixty towns and villages throughout Derbyshire and the Peak District.

Each village taking part in this custom has its own jealously guarded version and designs worked out months beforehand are not revealed until the last possible moment.

Todays wells are decorated with flower petals, berries, moss, cones and seeds, which are pressed into clay held in a wooden framework. It is a difficult task combining hard work and artistic dexterity. The clay is cleansed of all impurities, and the frames are then soaked to prevent the clay from drying out. The frames often have rows of protruding nails which help to prevent the damp clay from falling away when the frames are standing.

Derbyshire and Peak District Well Dressing dates for year 2008

May 2008

1-7 Tissington
6-13 Newborough
10-13 Waingroves
10-17 Milford and Makeney
17-19 Etwall
17-21 Swanwick
17-25 Ashford-in-the-Water
24-26 Endon
24-27 Brackenfield
24-29 Middleton-by-Youlgrave
24-31 Monyash
24-27 Wirksworth

June 2008

7-11 Ockbrook
7-14 Ripley
8-14 Cressbrook
8-16 Marston Montgomery
14-21 Wyaston and Edlaston
14-22 Whitwell
15-25 Penistone
21-24 Flash
21-26 Derby
21-26 Kniveton
21-26 Youlgrave
21-26 Rowsley
21-29 Hope
21-29 Litton
21-29 Tideswell
24-27 Elmton
27-29 Cromford
26-1 July Peak Forest
28-5 July Tintwistle
28-7 July Bakewell

July 2008

1-3 Wessington
3-6 Buxton
4-11 Dronfield
5-13 Old Tupton
5-13 Dore
5-13 Hathersage
7-14 Harthill
12-20> Millthorpe
12-20 Over Haddon
14-20 Cutthorpe
16-22 Mayfield
19-26 Heath
26-4 August Stoney Middleton

August 2008

2-11 Bradwell
2-9 Wingerworth
13-19 Barlow
14-25 Great Hucklow
16-23 Taddington
21-29 Holymoorside
23-30 Eyam
23-31 Foolow
23-31 Wormhill
30-7 September Wardlow

September 2008

13-20 Chesterfield
13-21 Hartington

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