Well Dressing in Derbyshire 2004

Etwall  Well Dressing 2003

Etwall 2003

Well dressing is one of Derbyshires best known, most popular and colourful customs. Well dressing dates back hundreds of years, and though there have been religious associations, the true origins remain unknown.

Well dressing is celebrated in more than sixty towns and villages throughout Derbyshire.

Each village taking part in this custom has its own jealously guarded version and designs worked out months beforehand are not revealed until the last possible moment.

Todays wells are decorated with flower petals, berries, moss, cones and seeds, which are pressed into clay held in a wooden framework. It is a difficult task combining hard work and artistic dexterity. The clay is cleansed of all impurities, and the frames are then soaked to prevent the clay from drying out. The frames often have rows of protruding nails which help to prevent the damp clay from falling away when the frames are standing.

Dates for year 2004

The following are in the month of May

Brackenfield (near Ogston Res) 29th May - 1st June Blessing service 6pm 30th May
Etwall 15th - 17th May Blessing service 12noon 15th May
Middleton by Youlgrave 29th May - 5th June Blessing Service TBA 30th May
Milford 8th- 15th May Blessing Service 12.30pm 9th May
Monyash 29th May - 5th June Blessing Service 2pm 29th May
Tissington 20th May - 26th June Blessing service 11am 20th May
Waingroves 8th - 11th May Blessing service 10.30am 8th May
Wirksworth 29th May - 6th June Blessing Service 10.45am 29th May

The following are or start in the month of June

Ashford in the Water 5th-13th June Blessing service 3.30pm 6th June
Bakewell 26th June - 4th July Blessing Service 2.30pm 27th June
Derby City 26th - 1st July Blessing Service 10am 26th June
Cressbrook (Monsal Dale) 13th-20th June Blessing Service 2pm 13th June
Elmton (near Cresswell) 26th June - 2nd July Blessing Service 7pm 25th June
Hope 26th June - 4th July Blessing service 7pm 27th June
Kniveton 19th -25th June Blessing service 10am 19th June
Litton (near Tideswell) 26th June - 4th July Blessing Service 3pm 27th June
Mayfield (near Ashbourne) 19th - 25th June Blessing Service 11am 19th June
Marston Montgomery 13th - 20th June Blessing Service 2pm 13th June
Norbury Primary School 25th June - 1st July Blessing service 3pm 25th July
Ockbrook 12th - 16th June Blessing Service 2.15pm 12th June
Old Whittington 25th - 2nd July Blessing service 7pm 2th June
Peak Forest 30th June - 6th July Blessing service 7pm 30th June
Ripley 12th - 17th June Blessing Service 11am 12th June
Rowsley 26th June - 3rd July Blessing Service 10.30am 27th June
Shirebrook 10th - 14th June Blessing Service 7pm 10th June
Tideswell 26th June - 4th July Blessing Service 3pm 26th June
Tintwistle 25th June - 2nd July Blessing Service 7pm 25th June Youlgrave 19th - 24th June Blessing Service 2.30pm 19th June
Whaley Bridge 27th June - 3rd July Blessing Service 2.30pm 27th June

The following are in the month of July

Aston on Trent 10th - 14th July Blessing Service 11.15am 10th July
Bamford 11th July - 18th July Blessing Service 6.30pm 11th July
Buxworth 3rd July - 11th July Blessing Service 2pm 4th July
Belper 17th - 22nd July Blessing Service 1.45pm 18th July
Bolsover 17th July - 25th July Blessing Service 2.30pm 17th July
Bonsall 31st July - 4th August Blessing Service 2pm 1st Aug
Bradwell 31st July -8th August Blessing Service 7.30pm 1st August
Buxton 11th - 18th July Blessing service 2pm 11th July
Chapel-en-le Frith 3rd - 10th July Blessing Service 12pm 4th July
Coal Aston 3rd - 9th July Blessing service 1.45pm 3rd July
Cutthorpe 16th - 22nd July Blessing Service 6.30pm 16th July
Dronfield Woodhouse 16th - 23rd July Blessing Service 6.30 16th July
Hathersage 3rd - 10th July Blessing service 6pm 4th July
Heath 17th - 24th July Blessing service 2.30pm 17th July
Little Longstone 10th - 18th July Blessing Service 1.15pm 10th July
Millthorpe 16th - 25th July Blessing Service 7.30pm 16th July
Pilsley near Bakewell 8th - 15th July Blessing service 7pm 8th July
Stoney Middleton 24th - 2nd Aug Blessing Service 3pm 24th July
Swadlincote 3rd - 9th July Blessing Service 10am 3rd July
Tansley 3rd - 7th July Blessing Service 11am 3rd July
Wessington 3rd July- 5th July Blessing Service 10am 3rd July
West Hallam 10th - 11th July Blessing service 2pm 10th July
Whitwell 10th - 17th July Blessing service 2pm 10th July

The following are in the month of August

Barlow 11th - 19th August Blessing Service 6.30 11th August
Eyam 28th August - 4th September Blessing Service 2.45pm 28th August
Foolow 28th August - 2nd Sept Blessing Service 1pm 28th August
Great Hucklow 12th - 15th August Blessing Service 7pm 12th August
Holymoorside 26th - 3rd Sept Blessing service 7pm 26th August
Taddington 21st - 28th August Blessing service 2.30pm 21st August
Wormhill 28th August - 5th Sept Blessing Service 7.15pm 28th August

The following are in the month of September

Chesterfield 11th - 18th September Blessing Service 10am 11th September
Hartington 11th - 19th September Blessing Service 2.30pm 11th September
Longnor 4th - 11th September Blessing Service 6pm 5th September
Wardlow 4th Sept - 12th September Blessing Service 2.30pm 5th Sept

If you fancy seeing how the wells are made, here is a list of some of the village sites which allow visitors to come and watch or even lend a hand.

3-7 Milford, 2 pm-7 pm (to 4 on 3rd) in Undercroft, Milford School 01773 822537
5-7 VVaingroves, 11 am-4 pm in Methodist Church, VVaingroves Road 01773 570428
15-16 Etwall, have-a-go' at well dressing, 11 am-4 pm in tent on village green 01283 223443
17-19 Tissmgton, 10 am-5 pm venues within village 01335 352200
24-28 Middleton-by-Youlgrave, afternoons in shed on playground in Village Square 01629 636229
24-28 IVIonyash, 7 pm-10 pm in Monyash Quaker Chapel, Chapel Street 01629 812778
24-28 Wirksworth, 10 am-5 pm in Methodist Church Community Room off Wood St 01629 822456
25-28 Brackenfield, 11 am-4 pm in Church Hall, The Green 01629 534806
30-4 Jun Ashford-in-the-VVater, various times in various venues as signposted 01629 813005
7-11 Ripley, 10 am-4 pm atTourist Information Centre, Town Hall, Market Place 01773 841488
8-12 Marston Montgomery, 7.30 pm-9 pm in Marston Montgomery Village Centre 01889 590646
14-18 Kniveton, 10 am-2 pm in barn at Church Farm, Main Street 01335 343308
16-18 Youlgrave, times by arrangement at various venues in village 01629 636341
20-25 Litton, 11 am-9 pm well signposted in village centre venue to be confirmed 01298 871569
20-25 Old VVhittington, 10 am-5 pm next to church in Church Lane 01246450897
20-26 VVhaley Bridge, 10 am-7 pm in marquee beside Canal Wharf buildinq 01663 734436
21-25 Derby City, 10 am-4 pm in Guildhall Theatre, Market Place 01332 255802
21-25 Rowsley, in garages of Peacock Hotel, Church Lane phone to arrange time 01629 734427
21-25 Tideswell, 10 am-12.30 pm ft 2 pm-8 pm in Hardy House, Hardy Lane 01298 871615
22-24 Tintwistle, 10.30 am-7.30 pm in Parish Council Offices, 99 Manchester Road 01457 861500
22-24 Elmton, 9 am-12 noon, 2 pm-4 pm & 6 pm-9 pm in Old School Room 01909 721695
23-25 Hope, 9.30 am-9 pm in Loxley Hall, Market Place 01433 621312
28-30 Peak Forest, 9 am-5 pm (to 12.30 on 30th) in Billy's Barn, Main Road 01298 812234
28-3 Jul Buxworth, 9.30 am-dusk at Navigation Inn 01663 750478
29-2 Jul Swadlincote, 10 am-1 pm in Salvation Army, Wilmot Road 01283 217909
30-2 Jul Chapel-en-le-Frith, 9 am-9 pm with lunch-break, in Hearse House Centre 01298 815291
5-7 Pilsley, 10 am-8 pm (1 hour lunch from 12.30) in garage ofThe Old Smithy 01246 582421
5-9 Aston-on-Trent, 7.15 pm-8.30 pm in Scout Hut, Chellaston Lane 01332 799040
5-9 Little Longstone, from 10.30 am at Home Farm (opposite the trouqhs)
7-8 Pleasley, 10 am-7 pm in Pyddock Room, St Michaežs Church 01623 810732
7-9 Whitwell, 7.30 pm-9 pm in Scout ft Guide Hut, Welbeck Street 01909 720699
8-10 Buxton, 9 am-8.30 pm (from 12 on 8th, to 6 on 10th) John the Baptist Church 01298 24201
9 West Hallam, telephone for viewing times, venues signed in villaqe 0115-932 6621
11-16 Millthorpe, 9 am-5 pm on site at junction of B6051 and Millthorpe Lane 0114-289 9303
12-13 Upper Langwith, 10 am-6 pm at 3 The Old Hali 01623 743241
12-15 Cutthorpe, 10 am-8 pm at 4 Common Lane, nr Merry Lads Pub 01246 204068
12-15 Dronfield VVoodhouse, 9 am-5 pm & 6.30 pm-8.30 pm in Methodist Church 01246 416915
12-16 Holmesfield, 9 am-noon, 1.30 pm-3.30 pm in garden next to Angel Pub 0114-289 0648
12-16 Belper, from 7.30 pm at Belper River Gardens 01773 823226
13-16 Bolsover, 11 am-5 pm in Bolsover Castle 01246 826956
15-16 Heath, 2 pm-6 pm in Laurel Hall, Main Street (in centre ofvillaqe) 01246 852034
19-22 Barlborough, 10 am-4 pm a 7 pm-9 pm in Church Institute, Church Street 01246 810578
21-22 Stoney Middleton, 10.30 am-5 pm in garage of Moon Inn (offA623) 01433 631590
27-30 Bradwell, 2 pm-5 pm Et 7 pm-9 pm at various venues in village 01433 620222
8-11 Barlow, 6 am-8 pm on site on B6051 opposite Old Pump Pub 0114-289 0310
16-20 Taddington, 10 am-6 pm or later in garages signposted in village 01298 85396
23-25 Holymoorside, 9 am-9 pm on site opposite Recreation Ground near Bull Pub 01246 569177
24-27 VVormhill, 10 am till late in barn at Hargate Wall Farm (signed in villaqe) 01298 871023
25-27 Eyam, 10 am-5 pm at various venues in village 01433 630599
30-3 Sep Wardlow, 11 am-6 pm in Wardlow Village Hall 01298 872091
6-11 Chesterfield, 9.30 am-5 pm in town centre venue to be decided 01246 345777

For photos of 2003 Well Dressing in Derbyshire please see Derbyshire Well Dressing 2003.

For further informatiom please contact one of the tourist information centres which can be found at Tourist Information Centres

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