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St Leonards Church at Thorpe in Derbyshire


Thorpe Church

St Leonards Church at Thorpe in Derbyshire

St Leonards Church in Thorpe
St Leonards Church

St Leonards Church is a pretty looking buiding with some interesting features.It has a squat norman tower and a norman nave. Its font is 11th century and is one of only 3 derbyshire `tub` fonts. The 17th century tomb of John Milward has beed partly destoyed during restoration but in front of it, are engravings of his 2 daughters dressed in gowns with embroided bodices and his 2 sons in cloaks and wide topped riding boots. Both the sons were soldiers, one a colonel in the service of King Charles the First.

Examination of the south porch will reveal some interesting scratch marks on either side of the doorway.

Since the 14th century,after the black death had seriously reduced the number of available archers needed to protect king and country, a general decree was passed ordering sunday afternoons to be set aside for archery practice, and those marks were made by the sharpening of arrows.


The Vicarage
Ashbourne DE6 1QD
Tel (01335) 390226

St Leonards Church at Thorpe

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