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Sheldon, a Derbyshire and Peak District village, situated 3 miles west of Bakewell off the A6, was recorded in Domesday as Scheldhaun and consists mainly of stone built cottages and farms dating from the 18th century. There is also a church and a pub.

The building of the present Sheldon village coincided with the time the local lead mining industry was enjoying a prosperous time. Black marble was once mined here but not as successfully as at nearby Ashford in the Water, mainly due to a lack of water supply. However, Magpie mine, on the limestone plateau to the south of Sheldon, was worked extensively for some 300 years up until 1924. It was always a problematic lead mine with repeated openings and closures. Flooding was a constant problem. In 1824 a Newcomen type pump was installed to pump out the water and a sough, cut underground through basalt, took 8 years to build and crippled the mine finacially.

Other problems were had with disputes with neighbouring mines. Feuding between rival groups of lead miners led to the death of 3 miners in 1833, suffocated by sulphureous fumes from fires started deliberately to 'smoke out the opposition' from a certain lead vein.

Magpie mine with its 728ft shaft, was eventually taken over in 1962 by the Peak District Historical Society as a field centre. It is now the most complete and interesting remains of a lead mine in the Peak District.

The Parish Church of St Michael and All Angels at Sheldon, was erected in the 19th century with material derived from dismantling the former Chapel of Ease. It is a small building, but very beautiful within.

The village pub, called the Cock and Pullet, was built from sratch in 1995, next to a former public house called the Devonshire Arms, which had been closed for twenty odd years. Aside from being a Free House, the pub also offers accommodation.

Accommodation in Sheldon

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Photographs of Sheldon village and Magpie Mine at Sheldon Photographs

Magpie Mine
Magpie Mine
The Cock and Pullet in sheldon village
Cock and Pullet pub
Church of St Michael and All Angels
Sheldon church

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