The river Trent in DerbyshireThe river Trent in Derbyshire


River Trent in Derbyshire

The River Trent at 171 miles in length, is one of the major rivers of England. Its source is in North Staffordshire between Biddulph and Mow Cop and its course flows through the Midlands until it joins the Humber Estuary at Trent Falls, and then the North Sea.The Romans referred to the Trent as Trisantona.

The river Tent is navigable for some 117 miles below Burton-upon-Trent and was one of the first rivers in England to be used for carrying goods over long distances. A navigable route into the Potteries and beyond is provided by the Trent and Mersey Canal, which meets the Trent at Shardlow.

River Trent and Swarkestone Bridge
River Trent and Swarkestone Bridge
River Trent at Shardlow
River Trent at Shardlow
River  Trent at Twyford
River Trent at Twyford
River  Trent at Twyford
River Trent and Willington Power Station from Twyford

The river and its tributaries flow through some of the most industrialised parts of the Midlands, and during the 18th and 19th centuries the Trent played a major role in the industrial development of the area. With populations now reaching over one million in the cities along the Trent, together with the influences of industrial and agricultural development, including mineral extraction, drainage and built development, the riverís wildlife has suffered a major decline during the last century.Fortunately, the tide has started to turn for the riverís wildlife. With a decline in industry and improvements in water quality, wildlife has had a chance to recover.

The Derbyshire part of the river lies past Burton on Trent, where the river continues to meander north eastwards. After about 3 miles at Newton Solney, it is joined from the north by the River Dove which has come from Uttoxeter, Rocester and Ashbourne. A couple of mile further on, at Willington, the River Trent turns eastwards for 7 miles to Swarkestone. On its way it meanders wildly at Ingleby, passes well away from Barrow-upon-Trent and then passes to the north of the famous Swarkestone Bridge, a Norman structure carrying a main road across marsh land. The Derby Canal used to start at Swarkestone, leaving the River Trent to head north towards Derby.

From Swarkestone the River Trent heads east, coming within splashing distance of the Trent & Mersey Canal after 2Ĺ miles. At this point, known as Newton's Corner, the river Trent takes a sharp turn north eastwards to head towards Shardlow.

Before the Trent & Mersey came to Shardlow and turned it into one of England's major inland canal ports, it had been a quiet riverside village named Wilden Ferry. The River Trent has now become a fairly substantial waterway and just east of Shardlow it becomes officially navigable for the first time. At Cavendish Bridge there is a boat yard and a fairly large marina. The navigable river meanders east for about 1Ĺ miles to a junction where the Trent & Mersey Canal and river Derwent end and run into the river Trent which continues on it's way through Sawley and onto Trent Lock. At Sawley there is a large marina which is connected to the Trent by what is known as the Sawley Cut.

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