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New Mills

New Mills is situated on the borders of North West Derbyshire and Cheshire and is part of the Derbyshire Peak District. A small town, it traces its history back to the 13th century when a corn mill was established. Later in the 18th century, the Lancashire Cotton Industry found the conditions at New Mills ideal for cotton production, building more water-powered mills and resulting in increased prosperity for the district. A total of 5 new mills were built around the Torrs, a natural impressive sandstone gorge running through the centre of the town, on the banks of two rivers, the Sett and the Goyt.

Torrs Millennium Walkway
Torrs Millennium Walkway
Ruins of mill along the Torrs Millennium Walkway
Mill ruins

The Cotton spinning industry ceased in the Torrs in the early 1900s. buildings fell into disrepair and the area became overgrown. During the late 20th century the 'The Torrs Riverside Park' - 'the park under the town' - came into being to provide a place for recreation and relaxation, and the New Mills Heritage Centre was opened to promote tourism. The Torrs Millennium Walkway a much admired bridge is set deep in the gorge and attracts many visitors.

St George's Church is proud to be the Parish Church of New Mills. For more information please see St. George's Church

There is also an active local history society. Please see www.newmillshistory.org.uk for more information.

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