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Church of St Bartholomew at Longnor


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Church of St Bartholomew at Longnor

The church of St Bartholomew
Church of St Bartholomew

Memorial to William Billinge at the church of St Bartholomew in Longnor
Memorial to William Billinge

The church of St Bartholomew was rebuilt in the 18th century and stands on foundations at least 800 years old. It has an embattled western tower with pinnacles and contains a Norman font, though on the whole it is a rather grim looking building.

St Bartholomew's churchyard contains the grave of a William Billinge who following his birth in a cornfield, saw the capture of Gibralter, suffered wounds at the battle of Ramillies and later saw action against the Stuarts in both 1715 and 1745 and finally expired at a grand old age of 112 years.

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