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Flagg, a Derbyshire and Peak District village, situated, 5 miles west of Bakewell off the A515, was recorded in Domesday as Flagun and consists of a Hall, a pub, a few cottages and farms, a village school and a church. It is an old viking settlement and there is much evidence of lead mining activity in the area with many spoil heaps and disused mine shafts.

Flagg is well known for its annual point to point races, held by the High Peak Hunt on Flagg Moor on Easter Tuesday, which attracts many visitors from outlying districts. These races started around the turn of the 20th century when the horses had to jump some 38 stone walls with only the coping stones removed. Now the main race goes twice round a 2 mile course over 20 birch fences, the safety of horses and riders being given prime consideration.

The area abounds with dry stone walls and Flagg is often a venue for contests in the craft of dry stone wall building.

Flagg Hall is an Elizabethan Manor house, now known as Flagg Hall Farm. It has long associations with the Dales and Flynnes, both old Derbyshire families. It is not open to the public but can be seen from the roadside.

The Plough Inn is situated a short distance from the village and offers accommodation. The Church was built in 1838 and the Methodist Chapel in 1839.

Flagg Hall Farm
Flagg Hall Farm
flagg Village Chapel
Flagg Village Chapel

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