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Church of Our Lady and All Saints at Chesterfield


Church of Our Lady and All Saints at Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Chesterfield Church
Chesterfield Church

Chesterfield in Derbyshire is synonymous with the crooked spire on top of the church of Our Lady and All Saints. It gives Chesterfield its identity. Built, along with much of the rest of the church in the 14th century, it was straight for several centuries before it began to twist, probably as a result of unseasoned timber being used for its construction. It now leans nearly 9ft to the south and is still moving.

The large church is a fine cruciform building consisting of an aisled nave of 6 bays, a central tower, transepts and a 2 bay chancel, flanked by a chapel dedicated to St Katherine to the north and by a Lady chapel to the south. There are a further 2 chapels, one to the Holy Cross, the other to St Peter. The many chapels are due to the numerous guilds which once existed in the town, the oldest of which, the guild of Our Lady and the Holy Cross, was founded in 1218. The lady chapel contains a series of alabaster tombs of the Filjambe family. A particularly fine one is that of Sir Godfrey Foljambe and his wife.


The Parish Church of St Mary and All Saints Church Way
Chesterfield S40 1XJ

Email General enquiries: contact@chesterfieldparishchurch.org.uk

Telephone Parish Church: (01246) 206506

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