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Church of St Mary & St Laurence at Bolsover


Church of St Mary & St Laurence at Bolsover in Derbyshire

photo of bolsover church
Church of St Mary & St Laurence, Bolsover

The church of St Laurence, with its 13th century tower, is situated at the end of High Street. Inside is the Cavendish chapel, which holds many monuments to the Cavendish family including the tomb of Charles Cavendish, son of the indomitable Bess of Hardwick, and his wife. At the foot of the steps to the chapel and in direct contrast to the sumptuousness of the Cavendish memorial, is a rough stone in memory of Huntingdon Smithson and his son, John, who were the architects of Bolsover Castle.

Bolsover church was largely destroyed by fire in 1897, though the cavendish chapel survived. It was rebuilt and then damaged again by fire in 1960. It has again been restored.

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